Precision Built
Modular Construction
Solutions For Social and
Affordable Housing Projects

We partner with community housing providers, NFP’s, private developers and social enterprises to deliver social and affordable housing projects which are:

  • On Time
  • On Budget
  • Quality Assured




  • Affordable High and Low Rise Apartments
  • Medium Density Terraced Houses and Town Houses
  • Volumetric (Rooftop) Building Extensions
  • Homeless, Transitional and Emergency Housing
  • Aged Care and Retirement Living
  • Accessible (SDA) Housing Solutions
  • Boarding Houses, Co-Housing and Flexible Living
  • Indigenous Housing (including regional and remote)

Affordable Housing

Social Housing

Housing affordability in Australia’s main cities is generally accepted as being at crisis point. Leading causes for this include population growth, high construction costs, rampant land values and restrictive land use regulation based on urban-containment policies.

HOW Social Construct brings precision modular construction to the market with a range of medium and high density housing solutions which are built to high quality specifications, quickly and at an affordable price.

We’re committed to working with government agencies, community housing providers, property developers, charities and NGO’s to bring the benefits of modular construction to the fore and to help address the challenges around housing affordability.

For an information pack on our HOW Nano Terrace products CLICK HERE

Cost Benefits of Modular Construction

Precision Modular Construction introduces a range of benefits including the creation of significant cost economies across projects, in particular capital build and financing costs.

Quality Benefits of Modular Construction

Your Partners


Matt completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Auckland School of Business and his MBA at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). He has a broad range of experience in property and telecommunications including property finance, development modelling, acquisition, portfolio management and lease negotiation.

Matt’s real passion however is applying his skills to support social challenges such as homelessness and social and affordable housing. His study at the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW and involvement in the global Conscious Capitalism movement led him to join the purpose driven team at HOW. His role allows him to shape the future of social and affordable housing in Australia and New Zealand by introducing innovative modular construction methods through the HOW special purpose entity HOW Social Construct

Ph: 0417 526 352 E:

George Nori, is the Managing Director of How Strategy Group of companies, including the purpose driven HOW – Social Construct.

George is committed to working in collaboration with other key stakeholders, to be of genuine service to others to help them achieve their goals and dreams. His values are firmly based on the belief that modular and off-site construction can benefit all stakeholders.

He aims for HOW – Social Construct to be an influence in the construction industry, providing concepts and solutions into markets that may or may not exist already, and in collaboration with people who believe in what we believe.

Ph: 0411 216 849E:

Robyn Nori has more than 20 years experience heading business operations and entrepreneurial ventures in property, finance, investments and education.

Working with her husband and business partner, George, since 2006, Robyn's visionary direction, broad knowledge base and solid business sense have enabled the company to expand its product offerings from financial service solutions to include their revolutionary Precision Modular Construction companies.

She has a strong belief in change for the better and utilising new technologies and ideas to serve business and community goals to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots. She has always been driven by her life purpose to make meaningful contributions to people's lives.

Ph: 0417 657 618 E:

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